Will Love Heals Porn help me?

Brief daily emails give you something you can DO to make a positive difference.

Love Heals Porn is the culmination of…

Brain Science

You’ll learn to work with your brain instead of being at war with the most powerful organ in the body!

Psychological Research

Thanks to study upon study, we now know more than ever about what helps people change!

Input from Experts

We’ve learned from the best of the best in the field and pass the wisdom on to you!

Road Testing

Earlier versions of the action steps in most lessons were revised based on feedback from users.

Unmatched Passion

We can hardly contain our excitement about your future freedom and the better life you’ll be living!

Clients Ideas

Some of the tools came from people who used them to successfully get off porn for themselves.

Wealth of Experience

Dr. Chamberlain has been helping clients kick porn over the last 20 years.

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Our Team

Mark Chamberlain, PhD

I’m married to my girlfriend, Jenny, and we have seven kids, who are my best friends in the world. I’m inspired to the point of chills almost every day as my clients share with me their heroic journeys. The only downside is that I sit most of the day (Hooray for clients who like Walk Therapy!). I work at Suncrest Counseling with the most amazing group of people–my second family! So far this year we’ve been eating peas and strawberries from my garden and this weekend cooked up our first zucchini. Three years ago I was inspired by my buddy, Darin, to try out triathlons, which have become an enjoyable reason to try to keep this old bag-of-bones fit.


I’m 22, work at a soda shop in Provo, Utah where I met the most amazing girl… who became my sweetheart… and two months ago my wife! I love sushi, music, soccer, and traveling. I speak Spanish, have a passion for fitness, and last year completed my first (hopefully of many) Spartan Race. I’m planning to get back into school again soon and pursue a career in medicine.¬†I got into porn at age 13, struggled with it for several years, and have been porn-free for seven years now.

Chris Grant


I currently live in Littleton, CO. I am married to the most amazing woman and have 1.5 kids: 1 girl and that .5 is a boy, due in November. I love the mountains and Colorado provides lots of them. My true love lies with the ocean though (I am originally from California). I love to surf and the peace that the ocean brings. Being that I am no where near the ocean, I mountain bike a lot and am signed up for my first mountain bike race this summer. When I am not riding I love to read (mainly non fiction), watch movies (favorite is Knight and Day), spend time outside with my family, and eat and make BBQ. I have been working at recovery for most of my life. I am 33 now and it all started when I was 12. Just as Mark says “Love is the key.” We either REACH OUT or we ACT OUT. It is YOUR choice every day! To your success.


I recently moved from the pretty state of Utah to the incredibly gorgeous state of Washington (no offense¬†Mark!). My day job is to help experts build their online presence and reach more people with their message. Working from home is a blast, and I love being close to my beautiful wife and two smart kids everyday. On the side, I’m a musician and a teacher, focusing on a cappella singing, performing, and beaboxing. When I have nothing to do (which is basically never) you’ll find me reading an exciting classic novel, my current favorite being the stories of Sherlock Holmes.