Has porn disconnected you from others? Or worse, from yourself?

The pull of porn is so relentless, it's hard to turn things around. You have to change momentum somehow. That's why we created Love Heals Porn.

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Hi, I’m Mark. mark_chamberlain

My day job is helping people kick the negative cycles and bad habits that make them miserable. But getting personalized, one-on-one help is too expensive for many people. Even for those who can meet individually, sometimes you lose momentum between therapy sessions. A week can be a long time when the pull of old patterns nags you every day, sometimes every hour.

That’s why I’ve created Love Heals Porn. Every day for 30 days, I’ll send you a brief (10-15 minutes) lesson that includes a simple, but powerful action step (2-3 minutes) to keep your life moving in a better direction.

These lessons and exercises aren’t perfect. I hope you’ll forgive my typos, grammar errors, annoying turns of phrase (like that one!), and stories that sometimes meander. I hope you’ll wade through it all and keep testing out the tools. And join me in making them better. Tell us which ones help and which ones fall flat. Those who benefit from this program in the future will thank you.

Your Way Out

How Love Heals Porn


Instead of fighting desire you’ll deepen it from lust to love, enabling you to connect more fully.


Seeing that others have gotten off porn–and how they’ve done it–will give you a reference besides your own experience.


When you eat, sleep, and move the way you’d feed someone you love, your body feels and responds better.


You already know the power of habit! So start planting seed habits that will do some of the self-control work for you.


You’ll learn exactly how to identify and get free of the traumas and ingrained thinking patterns that hold you back.


Nothing compares to the joy and confidence you’ll feel when your actions match your most deeply held values.

What Others Are Saying

I can’t put into words how effective and important these emails have been for me. I’ve read about 4 of them and I’m trying to apply them.  Thank you so much for putting in the time and energy to give these to me and so many others!!  You really have a gift of helping people and I’m so grateful I’m able to benefit from your work.

Stay-at-home mom from the United States

I love you for this and can’t help but thank God for having made me find your program! All your emails are very useful and I hope to progress along this stressful life in a much better way without porn. Again, thanks a lot for all the time you spend on us ‘addicts’. May all the time and effort you spend be rewarded with in the best way possible

Science student from United Arab Emirates

[I found the lessons to be] extremely valuable. In doing the assignments, I discovered something that I instinctively knew but thought it was probably wrong: to love myself and that love is the only way to overcome addiction. What a powerful message that was to my heart.

Engineer and father of three from the United States

More About Love Heals Porn

After my mentor, Dean Byrd, and I published Willpower Is Not Enough twenty years ago, I started poring over psychology research in an effort to create a science-based program for kicking habits and recovering from addiction. Along the way I’ve learned many things from the literature on the topic, and even more from the clients I see every day in my office.

This Love Heals Porn program is the result of that process. We’ve thrown out more exercises than we’ve kept. Those that made the cut have been honed over the years, boiled down and condensed. Each one will take you approximately ten minutes to learn and two or three minutes to apply. 

This program is about cultivating more love in your life, so please be patient and compassionate with yourself as you go through the process. Don’t get down on yourself if you end up skipping days. 

And don’t get too rigid, trying to stack each habit on the last until you’ve built yourself a tower of blocks that’s bound to topple. Some of the tools you’ll try only once, others not at all because they just don’t resonate. 

Others will be great for you eventually, but too much of a stretch the first time you learn about them. In other words, just keep plugging along. Don’t let yourself get so enthused that your motivation burns out too quickly… and don’t let yourself get so discouraged that you stop midway through the program.

Be forewarned: sometimes all it takes is a firm resolve to take concrete, effective steps to make changes in an important area of our lives… for all hell to break loose. Chaos descends. Stress at work ramps up. Relationships threaten to unravel. Old fears rush back to haunt us again. Wavy mirrors and shifting floors populate the funhouse of our minds. It’s almost enough to talk us out of trying to change. Would it be better to just accommodate this porn habit, perhaps tame it a bit, rather than keep trying to kick it altogether? 

If any of this happens to you–or all of it!–just remember the key message British citizens whispered to each other and plastered on their buses and shop windows during World War II: Keep Calm and Carry On. Because, to borrow two other slogans from His Majesty’s Stationary Office from that period, “Freedom is in Peril’ and only “Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory’. And, I might add, your love. Especially your love.

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